Re: [css-variables] Why we can not use 'var()' function for normal property

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> Hello Tab,
> Friday, June 5, 2015, 11:23:30 PM, you wrote:
> > And they likely won't, either.  Applications grow to fill the memory
> > available to them.  Adding an eff-ton more memory usage to every page
> > all of a sudden will never be something ignorable.
> May be worth pointing out that the DOM is an API, not a memory model.
> Low latency/high memory vs higher latency calc-on-demand/lower memory
> tradeoffs can be made by the implementation as it sees fit.

Lea, Chris, anyone else who's interested:

I'll be at the F2F in Paris. I'll very happily sit down with you and
explain in detail why we think there are fundamental algorithmic reasons
that this can't work. I'll even buy the beer/wine/soft beverage of choice.
I'm only suggesting we do this face-to-face because we're going to need
lots of diagrams and Q/A back-and-forth.

If I convince you - great! You'll know that we're not just being bad actors
here. If you can convince me that there's a way forward - even better!

Does this sounds reasonable?


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