Re: [css-variables] Why we can not use 'var()' function for normal property

> On Jun 5, 2015, at 19:48, Shane Stephens <> wrote:
> Lea, Chris, anyone else who's interested:
> I'll be at the F2F in Paris. I'll very happily sit down with you and explain in detail why we think there are fundamental algorithmic reasons that this can't work. I'll even buy the beer/wine/soft beverage of choice. I'm only suggesting we do this face-to-face because we're going to need lots of diagrams and Q/A back-and-forth.
> If I convince you - great! You'll know that we're not just being bad actors here. If you can convince me that there's a way forward - even better!
> Does this sounds reasonable?

I will be at the F2F in Paris too, and yes it totally does sound reasonable (especially with your clarification re:beer/wine :). Looking forward to the discussion :)


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