Re: [css-grid] Clarifying "all lines in the implicit grid" text (which probably wants to exclude explicit grid)

On 04/24/2015 02:43 PM, Manuel Rego Casasnovas wrote:
> Just to share my point of view, I interpret like the implicit grid only
> the tracks implicitly added, not all the tracks. From [3]:
> "While grid-template and its longhand properties define the explicit
> grid, grid items can be positioned outside of these bounds. This causes
> the grid container to generate implicit grid tracks, forming the
> implicit grid.
> So the "implicit grid tracks" are only the new ones, and not all the
> tracks of the grid (so IMHO it doesn't include the explicit grid).

I agree that "implicit grid tracks" is unambiguously defined.

However, the term "implicit grid" itself is ambiguous. In particular:
 (1) The spec sentence you quoted about "forming the implicit grid" is
ambiguous -- it can just as easily be interpreted as saying: "once the
grid container has added the implicit tracks, this larger structure is
the implicit grid."

 (2) There are at least two chunks that use "implicit grid" to
*unambiguously* mean the *full grid*:
  - Section 9.5 step 2 (mentioned in my previous post, RE "number of
  - Section 5.1.4 part b: "the number of tracks is determined by the
size of the subgrid’s implicit grid". This is talking about the number
of tracks in the *full subgrid*, not the number of implicit tracks.

 (3) Note that the area you're describing -- the area outside of the
explicit grid -- could be L-shaped.  A term like "implicit grid" seems
like a weird name for an L-shaped area, since "grid" implies something
rectangular, to me at least.

Anyway -- I think we agree that some or all of the language here needs


> Probably the wording in the auto-placement algorithm section should be
> improved to avoid this confusion.
> Regarding your question about the undefined named lines, you can check
> the a previous thread [4] in which we discussed about the expected behavior.
> Just my 2 cents,
>   Rego
> [3]
> [4]

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