Re: [css-grid] Clarifying "all lines in the implicit grid" text (which probably wants to exclude explicit grid)

On 04/24/2015 03:50 PM, Daniel Holbert wrote:
>> Regarding your question about the undefined named lines, you can check
>> the a previous thread [4] in which we discussed about the expected behavior.

Thank you - Tab's reply there...
...confirms my suspicion about the intended behavior here.
(Specifically, he says: 'The *next* line [after the final
explicit-grid-line] will be part of the implicit grid, and will be
treated as having the name "foo"'.)

So, the spec just needs to be clarified, to prevent others from being
misled/confused on this, like I was. :)  As noted in my previous post,
it needs to unambiguously define (and consistently use) the term "the
implicit grid", OR it needs to unambiguously define some other term like
"implicit grid line" & use that instead of the vaguely-universal term
"all lines in the implicit grid".


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