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Friday, April 3, 2015, 10:52:19 AM, you wrote:

> I'm defining X-Content-Type-Options which can be used to prevent
> sniffing. I think it would make sense to support this header for
> various font loading features that currently ignore MIME types.

Agreed that font loading ignores Internet Media Types. When @font-face
was being designed, it was originally intended to use a new font/* top
level type. At that time there was fierce objection from IETF/IANA to
this idea and so we worked around that with the format descriptor.

> However, that requires a list of font MIME types. Where should we keep
> the definitive list? In the Font Loading specification?

That is one possibility. This was discussed just now on the CSS WG
call where I pointed out that the WebFonts WG had published an
appendix on font media types. In a change of plan based on an analysis
of actual use of Media Types for fonts - which showed that the
non-existent font/* type was in fact the most widely used - the
WebFonts WG plans to register this top level type and some
commonly-used subtypes. Thus bringing standards back into alignment
with actual practice.

The appendix is here

On the call, Tab pointed out that for your purposes you would also
want the historically used application/* types (both those registered,
like TrueDoc PFR, and those used but not registered).

If that appendix is an acceptable location for the list, a new section
on historical and unregistered types could be added to list them.

On the call, CS WG decided to delegate the issue to WebFonts WG and
to declare it out of scope for CSS WG. Which is fine, as @font-face
makes no use of the internet media Type for font loading and we don't
plan to change that; the format descriptor remains authoritative.

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