Re: [css-text] I18N-ISSUE-330: Tasmeem example not clear

On May 9, 2014, at 9:28 AM, fantasai <> wrote:

On 01/24/2014 10:29 AM, Phillips, Addison wrote:
> State:
>     OPEN WG Comment
> Product:
>     CSS3-text
> Raised by:
>     Addison Phillips
> Opened on:
>     2014-01-23
> Description:
>     Section 7.3: The tasmeem example of "cursively justified" Arabic
>     text may not be clear to outside observers unfamiliar with kashida.
>     In addition, no mention is made of kashida or the kashida/tatweel
>     character. The term "kashida" should be introduced here with more
>     explanation, in addition to using a more visual emphatic example
>     of kashida expansion.

This isn't an example of using kashida characters, so I think that would
be inappropriate.


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