Re: [css-page] Meaning of :first page selector (was: [css3-gcpm] Page groups, named pages, and :first)

On 9/25/13 12:46 PM, "Simon Sapin" <> wrote:

>Do you think we should change the meaning of :first in the Paged Media
>spec and introduce the "page group" concept?

Yes. :first is too useful, and too easily understood, to restrict to the
first page of a document. Håkon's use case from 2008
( applies
to us: If we have two chapters:

<div class="chapter">

  <div class="chapter">

How do we use the chapter title for a running head on every page except
the first? A user of InDesign or Quark would create a chapter opening
master page. In XSL-FO, I think you can define a master for the first page
in a sequence. As CSS typesetters, it seems natural to write:

@page chapter:first { @top-center { content: normal; } }
@page chapter:left { @top-center { content: string(chapter-title) } }

So we just need a way to say "Use the :first page for the first page of
this group." prince-page-group: start; does this.

I would like to note that solutions that involve the content of margin
boxes (like first-except) don't meet all our use cases. A chapter-opening
page may have a background-image, different margins, etc.


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