Re: Fwd: Proposal for "overflow:clip" for stronger painting isolation

On Fri, Sep 20, 2013, at 21:03, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
 > To get around both of these issues and provide stronger optimization
> guarantees to the browser, I suggest we add a "clip" or "contained"
> value to overflow.  This does a strong clipping - nothing inside the
> element can paint outside the element's rect.

I agree with the problem statement, and I agree that this would help
improve performance, in multiple browser engines.

However, I am not overly comfortable with a property which for many
authors (who don't use javascript scrolling or abspos things out the
box) would mean same as overflow:hidden, but faster.

I would be more comfortable with this if it could be turned into an
independent property that was orthogonal to overflow:hidden, had the
benefits proposed by Tab In combination with with overflow:hidden, but
was also more generally useful. I don't exactly know what this would be,
but I feel that if we could find such a thing, it would be a more useful
addition to the platform than something that does something very close
to "do what I said, just faster".

If no such thing can be found, I will not object to this, but I think it
is worth taking a step back and trying for something a bit more general.

 - Florian

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