Re: css-shapes] Comments on CSS Shapes ED

Alan Stearns wrote:

 > > > >

 > >My preferred solution would be:
 > >
 > >      exclude-level: 0.5;
 > >      shape-margin: 0.2em; /* or something */
 > You would probably also need to include some margin-top somewhere (as you
 > do in your specification)

Yes, that would add one line:

   .dropcap {
      exclude-level: 0.5;
      shape-margin: 0.2em; 
      margin-top: -0.2em;

 > to make sure the content did not run through the
 > ascender area above the lower-case letters in this example. So you'd
 > probably still end up with some content-specific styling.

Content-specific? The style sheet above can be applied any content in
English, Greek, Russian -- any bicameral script. (Any other script,
too, it just raises the cap(s) slightly)

In your example, you basiscally outline the 'y' in the style sheet:

      wrap-flow: right;
      shape-outside: polygon(0px,0px 280px,0px 220px,125px 0px,125px);

Are there any security implications of outlining the shape of glyphs
from the content in the style sheet?

In any case, I request that the CSS WG ask authors -- including fora
beyond www-style -- what kind of code they prefer to write.

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Received on Sunday, 15 September 2013 23:01:18 UTC