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On 9/13/13 4:04 PM, "Håkon Wium Lie" <> wrote:

>Alan Stearns wrote:
> > >So, what would your code look like that would produce this example?
> > >
> > >
> > 
> > That's my example, you know.
>My preferred solution would be:
>      exclude-level: 0.5;
>      shape-margin: 0.2em; /* or something */

You would probably also need to include some margin-top somewhere (as you
do in your specification) to make sure the content did not run through the
ascender area above the lower-case letters in this example. So you'd
probably still end up with some content-specific styling.

As I've said, I think we should have this capability. But my future
solution would look something like

   shape-outside: element(self);
   shape-margin: 0.2em;

Where 'self' is whatever mechanism we use to allow self-references for
reflections and other uses of element() that can avoid a cycle (see issue
8 in Images 4 [1]).

I don't think we're disagreeing about the end-game. We just have different
priorities for what should come first.




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