Re: [css3-fonts] ordinals vs. superiors

fantasai wrote:

>> For this reason, I believe it might be a mistake to put ordinals
>> and superscripts in the same property, as the <sups> feature would
>> be expected to affect both numerals and letters.
> If that's actually the case, then yes, it belongs in
> font-variant-numeric, and, ideally, the OpenType spec should be
> clarified to explain that usage.

This is indeed the case.  Can we close this issue, resolving to keep
the value for ordinals associated with 'font-variant-numeric'? The
spec now has both an illustration of the use of the feature and an
example noting the differences between the markup for superscripts
versus the markups for ordinals.

This is the last remaining open LC issue, it would be nice to resolve
it before the call this week so that we can resolve to move the Fonts
spec to CR.


John Daggett

Received on Monday, 2 September 2013 00:28:53 UTC