Re: [css3-background] background-attachment: local

Le 31/05/2013 15:35, Simon Sapin a écrit :
> Le 30/05/2013 00:22, Simon Sapin a écrit :
>> Le 30/05/2013 00:06, Simon Fraser a écrit :
>>>> Yes, I think it makes sense for the background positioning area to
>>>> be in sized to the scrolled content, since this is where it is
>>>> attached.
>>> Is the size of the scrolled content area well defined?
>> Actually, even the concept of scrolled content area is not something we
>> have in CSS as far as I know. We would have to add it somewhere, and
>> also define its size. Although maybe the size could be left undefined in
>> Backgrounds L3.
> Another case is when the scrolled content is smaller than the container,
> so that there is no actual scrolling. Do the background painting and
> positioning areas extend to the end of the container?

The answer to this in WebKit, Presto and Trident is yes.

Simon Sapin

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