Re: [css3-text] editorial nits: index needs tidying

On Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 7:16 AM, John Daggett <> wrote:
> An index was recently added to CSS3 Text but the entries need to be
> cleaned up to make the formatting of values consistent, remove
> undefined backlinks ("??"), and assure that all important terms
> are in the index, since there's *lots* of terminology used.

The Index is auto-generated by Bert's processor.  The ?? links are for
unnumbered sections.  Every definition that isn't a property shows up
in the index automatically.  The formatting of terms is automatically
generated from the title/text of each definition.

> Also, I think the structure should be similar to other specs, with
> Changes/References/Index/Property Index in sections separate from the
> appendices.  This makes it easier for implementators to find important
> normative information in places like Appendix F.

I do agree that the auto-genned sections are typically not appendixes,
and don't need to be referenced like another section, and thus don't
need a number/letter.

(fantasai, if you want me to convert Text over to Bikeshed, let me
know.  I'm already working on converting Grid this morning, so I'll be
in the right mode. ^_^)


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