Re: [css3-flexbox] "Flex Baselines" section needs to explicitly talk about in-flow flex items

(12/09/29 6:54), Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> We've gone back and forth over the history of the spec over whether to
> call abspos children of a flex container "flex items" or not (settling
> on calling them flex items). 

Did we have any discussions about this on the list? Just curious.

> It looks like this confused us when we were writing the "Flex
> Baselines" section, because it doesn't distinguish between in-flow
> and out-of-flow flex items.  Obviously, the intent is to use the
> first *in-flow* flex item whenever it mentions a flex item, so we
> need to go amend that.
> I should make sure that we're not accidentally including out-of-flow
> flex items anywhere else where it's inappropriate, either.

which means that you need to add *in-flow* to every "flex item" in the
flexible layout algorithm? As well as the "Applies To:" lines for 'flex'
and 'align-self'?

Wouldn't it be easier to amend the definition of a flex item?

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