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> [Jon Rimmer:]
>> It would be useful to hear from animators
> Yes, I think we may be extrapolating a bit here. I honestly don't know what
> to do with this request without more input from the folks who ask for it.
>> That said, it's worth noting that every day, thousands of teenagers are
>> posting Instagram photos to Facebook that recreate the flaws of cameras
>> built and obsoleted well before they were born. 
> I think you just referred to me as a teenager. Well played, sirů

Next up, the young whipper-snappers :-)

Seriously, the closest I would get to this would be to suggest we consider thinking about a possible experimental attribute of all animations and transitions (was that cautious enough?) "suggested-update-interval" and express it as a ratio, e.g. "1/24" for an update at most every 1/24th of a second, or "1001/30000" if you want to match NTSC :-(.

And it's only a suggestion of a suggestion.

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