Katakana/hiragana list lettering

CSS2.0 defined 'hiragana', 'katakana', 'hiragana-iroha', and
'katakana-iroha' list styles, but didn't define what happens
when you run out of letters (e.g. lettering a 100-item list).

Tab is putting formal definitions for all the CSS2.0 list
styles into the CSS3 Counter Styles module. We need to know
what happens at the end of the list. The possibilities we
can think of are:

   A. あ、い、う、...、ああ、あい、あう

   B. あ、い、う、...、ああ、いい、うう

   C. あ、い、う、...、あ、い、う

Note: the alphabetic styles already in CSS use variant A, so
if there is no clear preference, we will go with that.

All three variations can be created with custom @counter-style
rules, so all three will be possible; we just need a default
for the pre-defined keywords from CSS2.0.

Thanks for any guidance!


Received on Monday, 24 September 2012 21:45:04 UTC