[css3-mediaqueries] tv and screen media types

According to an internal bug report that I cant' figure out how to
access, Google TV's browser will not respond to the TV media type,
because there are enough 'screen' stylesheets on the web that doing so
would produce too much breakage for Gtv users.

The same applies to media types like 'handheld' and 'projection' -
Opera, I know, has to go through some ridiculous contortions to try
and respect them when they exist without breaking the web otherwise.

I suggest that the 'tv', 'handheld', and 'projection' media types be
allowed to match at the same time as a 'screen' media type.  That way
Google TV could use both 'screen' and 'tv' media types.  As well,
Opera could use both 'screen' and 'projection' when the browser was
fullscreened, and both 'screen' and 'handheld' on phone browsers.
(Other browsers could as well, of course.)

It may be useful to allow 'screen' to match at the same time as any
other media type, but that's more than is strictly necessary here.


Received on Tuesday, 26 October 2010 18:46:42 UTC