Re: UI for CSS Media Queries and value-less features

Le 09/11/10 11:16, Håkon Wium Lie a écrit :

> You could make similar arguments about shorthand properties.
> Comparing these:
>    @media all and (color) { ... }
>    @media all and (min-color: 1) { ... }
> I'd say the first is comprehensible, while the second is not.

I still dislike very much the fact a feature can have a value and
be value-less too. I would accept easily a value-less 'color' feature
and a 'bits-per-color-component' feature having always a value.
Same changes for other value-less properties.

 From my editor implementor's perspective, having features that accept
a value AND can be value-less is a problem for content editors. Sorry
to discover that so late, I needed an implementation in an editor to
see it.

> And the spec is in CR.
> Therefore, I would be reluctant to make changes at this stage.

With my co-chair hat off and my AC hat on, I don't care about the
spec's status. I want the spec to be good, consistent, implementable
and authorable outside of vi and emacs. If that goal requires to go
back to a lower stage on the REC track, so be it.


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