Re: UI for CSS Media Queries and value-less features

Also sprach Daniel Glazman:

 > All in all, this gives me the feeling the value-less media features
 > are a spec feature that is good to have from a strict browser point
 > of view but (a) is redundant with min-xxx (b) did not consider
 > "editability", if you allow me this neologism...
 > I would recommend:
 > 1. discuss if value-less media features are really needed and if
 >     the 'min-xxxxx: 1' features are not enough

You could make similar arguments about shorthand properties.

Comparing these:

  @media all and (color) { ... }
  @media all and (min-color: 1) { ... }

I'd say the first is comprehensible, while the second is not.

And the spec is in CR.

Therefore, I would be reluctant to make changes at this stage.


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Received on Tuesday, 9 November 2010 10:17:41 UTC