Re: Frameset/Frame Specification Amendment (HTML+CSS)

> This seems to be the most frequently reported problem when styling frames 
> (albeit via HTML attributes), but it's not in any urgent need of being 
> solved IMO given the move to HTML5, that use of frames are bad practice, 
> and you can already use an iframe to accomplish the same thing.

Please refer to my last comment on resizing frames.

> A UA's default style sheet could still provide a visual cue even if you 
> shifted this to CSS:
> [noresize] { border-spacing: 0; }

Sure, absolutely. But then it's done by intention. Currently it is 
impossible to *not* have any visual cue. That has been my point: Full 
control of what is displayed.

>> a) The gap space is greater than 0 - and - b) None of the affected
>> frames' noresize attribute is being set.
> Why would you want to disable resizing if the gap space is zero?

Good point... My first thought was to have at least some kind of border 
visible for frames to be resizable. But you are right, there is not a real 
necessity for that. So the (gap>0) condition may be altered into (gap>=0). 
[I don't believe resizing should be possible if frames overlap... Your 

Axel Dahmen 

Received on Saturday, 27 March 2010 12:44:06 UTC