Re: Frameset/Frame Specification Amendment (HTML+CSS)

On 2010-03-26 9:25 AM, Axel Dahmen wrote:
> (E.g., it is currently not possible to eliminate the gap between
> frames in a frameset or to define a frame's border visualization.)

CSS2.1 already suggests using the |border-spacing| property which would 
be pretty straightforward except that (A) it doesn't define what happens 
if the border size is large enough to cause some frames to vanish and 
(B) it doesn't define what the border-space should look like. If 
interpreted as being restricted to 1 or 0 values like the original spec, 
then (C) it doesn't define what the border-space's width is. To date, no 
browser vendor has implemented it.

This seems to be the most frequently reported problem when styling 
frames (albeit via HTML attributes), but it's not in any urgent need of 
being solved IMO given the move to HTML5, that use of frames are bad 
practice, and you can already use an iframe to accomplish the same thing.

> * Changing the value of a frame's "noresize" attribute should not
> affect layout/presentation of frames.
> Reason: Visual feedback on the availability of a resizing option
> should be the responsibility of CSS.

A UA's default style sheet could still provide a visual cue even if you 
shifted this to CSS:

[noresize] { border-spacing: 0; }

> For functional specification, it is sufficient to specify that
> resizing is allowed and an appropriate NS/EW cursor will be displayed
> only if:
> a) The gap space is greater than 0 - and - b) None of the affected
> frames' noresize attribute is being set.

Why would you want to disable resizing if the gap space is zero?

(This part of the discussion is actually off-topic though since it would 
be only relevant to HTML.)

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