[css3-speech] tables, "speak-header"

Hi !
One of the dependencies listed [1] in the current Working Draft for  
the CSS3 Speech Module is "CSS3 Tables". As hinted by my exploration  
of the public mailing-list archive [2][3], the historical motivation  
for introducing this (rather loose) dependency in the CSS-Speech  
specification was primarily to set a placeholder for a future  
reference to the "speak-header" property of the CSS table model. The  
"speak-header" property is actually defined in CSS2.1 Aural  
Stylesheets [4], and it seems clear that at some point this property  
was moved out of CSS2 Tables [5][6], into the Aural appendix.

Now, "CSS3 Tables" doesn't seem close to finalization (by the way, is  
this [7] the document in question ?), so we need to decide whether:

* to drop "speak-header" altogether (I don't have enough knowledge at  
this stage to assert whether this is reasonable or not).

* to reference CSS2.1 Aural Stylesheets (this seems weird, given the  
non-normative nature of Appendix A, and the fact that CSS3-Speech is  
meant to supercede it).

* to (re)include the "speak-header" property in CSS3-Speech.

Thoughts very welcome ! :)
Cheers, Daniel








Received on Saturday, 11 December 2010 02:35:10 UTC