Re: [css3-speech] tables, "speak-header"

On 12/10/2010 06:34 PM, Daniel Weck wrote:
> Hi !
> Now, "CSS3 Tables" doesn't seem close to finalization (by the way, is this [7] the document in question ?), so we need to
> decide whether:
> * to drop "speak-header" altogether (I don't have enough knowledge at this stage to assert whether this is reasonable or not).
> * to reference CSS2.1 Aural Stylesheets (this seems weird, given the non-normative nature of Appendix A, and the fact that
> CSS3-Speech is meant to supercede it).
> * to (re)include the "speak-header" property in CSS3-Speech.

I would either include the speak-header property in CSS3 Speech or
drop it altogether. (The goal of css3-speech is to replace the
CSS2.1 Aural section with a normative spec that is better-designed.
Referencing the CSS2.1 Aural chapter doesn't make sense within that

If lack of implementation interest (rather than poor design) is the
reason to drop it, the compromise solution is to include it and mark
it at risk.


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