[css3-speech] dependency on [css3-syntax]

Dear all,

The current Working Draft of the CSS3 Speech Module contains a  
normative dependency [1] to the CSS3 Syntax specification draft [2].  
It is my understanding that CSS3-Syntax is "severely unmaintained" (as  
recently pointed out by Fantasai ;) ), so I propose to replace the  
following statement from "10. Voice characteristic properties" [3]:

Names of specific voices may be quoted, and indeed must be quoted if  
any of the words that make up the name does not conform to the syntax  
rules for identifiers [CSS3-Syntax].

...with a reference to CSS2.1 identifiers syntax [4] instead.

Any comments and/or objections ?
Regards, Daniel





Received on Saturday, 11 December 2010 03:02:28 UTC