Re: [css21-media-types] [css3-speech] normative media types, mutual-exclusivity (CLOSED)

On 11 Dec 2010, at 00:11, fantasai wrote:
> I'm not seeing
>>> "A CSS media type names a set of CSS properties. A user agent that  
>>> claims to support a media type by name must implement all
>>> of the properties that apply to that media type. ... The names of  
>>> media types are normative."
> in CSS2.1:7.3.

Well, actually the last part ("the names of media types are  
normative") is in CSS2.1:7.3 "Recognized media types" [1], but  
otherwise you are correct ! This is a confusion on my part due to  
CSS2.1:7.3.1 "Media groups" [2] being 'shifted' to CSS3-Syntax:10.7  
"Media groups" [3] (a long way down from CSS3-Syntax:7.1.4.  
"Recognized media types" [4]). Anyway, I will just pretend the CSS3- 
Syntax Module doesn't exist from now on. :o)

This resolves my first issue.

My second issue (mutual exclusion versus mixed media speech+visual) is  
resolved by virtue of CSS2.1 "Media Groups".

Case closed.
Thanks !






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