ruby-position: undesirable default value 'before' for complex ruby

Dear folks @ www-style,

I am currently studying the CSS3 spec on ruby for implementation, and found
that the default value 'before' for 'ruby-position' seems undesirable for
complex ruby that has 2 <rtc> elements. If the user doesn't override that
default, it would naturally apply to both <rtc> elements, which is IMHO not
the default intention.

Rather, I'd suggest having a default value 'auto' that allows the user agent
to position the ruby text. Normally, 'auto' should be equivalent to 'before'
for <rt> in simple ruby and the first <rtc> in complex ruby, and equivalent
to 'after' for the second <rtc> in complex ruby. It may also allow (but not
require) to automatically position Bopomofo ruby 'right'.

- Roland Steiner

Received on Friday, 22 May 2009 06:13:53 UTC