Re: ruby-position: undesirable default value 'before' for complex ruby

On Friday 22 May 2009, Roland Steiner wrote:

> the default value 'before' for 'ruby-position' seems 
> undesirable for complex ruby that has 2 <rtc> elements. If the user
> doesn't override that default, it would naturally apply to both <rtc>
> elements, which is IMHO not the default intention.
> Rather, I'd suggest having a default value 'auto' that allows the
> user agent to position the ruby text.

Just to set the right expectations:

I've added the issue to the working group's database as ISSUE-107[1]. 
And if there is more discussion, we'll add that as well.

But the Ruby module currently has "medium priority" in the group's 
charter and, moreover, it has for the moment no editor assigned, which 
means we're not going to write the Recommendation before 2011. We're 
not sure to even publish any updates before then.

(That can change if we get more resources: somebody to edit the module, 
a test suite, a second implementation... You're working for Google? 
Maybe Google can can delegate one or more people to the working group?)


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