Re: Request to make Public

> > Why not have a link to
> > prominantly displayed (ie. near the top of the 'local links' top
> > right) on (perhaps called
> > 'Specifications in development') and add a column (labelled
> > member-only if that's the preference) to that page linking to the
> > latest editor's drafts.  That would make for a quick intuitive way
> > to get to any document.
> It seems like making this depend on a page that can only be edited
> by W3C team is a good way to make sure it doesn't stay up-to-date.
> A list of current work that could be edited by all editors of drafts
> seems significantly more likely to stay up-to-date.  Maybe we should
> have one at and link to that from the other
> places?

Agreed.  Setting this up as the default page for seems
like a good idea to me.


Received on Thursday, 12 March 2009 00:24:46 UTC