[css3-selectors] New last call WD for Selectors

The CSS WG published a new WD for Selectors yesterday:


The specification was published as Candidate Recommendation in 2001, 
then republished as a Working Draft in 2005 in order to remove a 
feature that hadn't been implemented (the content selector).

The other features that were partially implemented then now seem to be 
fully implemented, except that one of them showed problems, viz., 
the '::selection' pseudo-element. We decided to drop that feature for 

The recent Unicode normalization issue (which gave rise to some very 
long threads[1] on this list) is *not* dealt with in this draft. The 
issue seems wider than just Selectors and there is no consensus yet. So 
rather than say something we may regret later, the spec says nothing. 
We're aware that leaves a hole in the spec, but the spec is valuable 
enough already.

This new publication comes with a last call for comments, because we 
believe the specification is ready for a status change. It can 
hopefully go directly to Proposed Recommendation, but if we find that 
implementations (after eight years!) are not ready, it may have to be 
Candidate Recommendation for a while again.

Of course, we first have to see what comments we get... The deadline for 
those is April 7 and the preferred place to send them is this mailing 
list, <www-style@w3.org>. Please, put [css3-selectors] in the subject 
(with the brackets).

Requests for new features are unlikely to receive a positive response. 
(Once the spec is a Recommendation, we will think again about updating 
it). But we like to hear about any other problems.

[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-style/2009Feb/0231.html
    and other threads

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