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Hi All,

Thanks very much for your responses.

Indeed, I am looking for the latest Editor's drafts [1] as well as  
some general info about the specs (such as [2] provides). It appears  
current-work.html [3] fails to meet the first requirement (but could  
if one of the two links per document block pointed to the latest  
Editor's draft instead of both pointing to .../TR/).

Anyhow, I'm surely missing something because I don't understand the  
opposition to make [2] Public.

-Regards, Art Barstow

[1] <>
[2] <>
[3] <>

On Mar 10, 2009, at 4:01 PM, ext Richard Ishida wrote:

> Hmm. That depends.  Maybe, for example, Art is looking for the latest
> editor's draft of the Fonts module. That is linked from
> (and with out of date
> information btw).
> I must say that I always have trouble finding these pages and then
> remembering which of them is which.  For example, if you go from  
> the w3c
> home page to, thinking you can find  
> the latest
> CSS3 modules, you won't find any link to either afaict. Only if you  
> follow
> the link to 'working group' can you find a link to
> and that's buried in  
> the text.
> If you have access to member documents and actually want to read  
> the latest
> editor's draft of the fonts module, you're still no clearer at this  
> point
> about how to find it.
> Why not have a link to
> prominantly displayed (ie. near the top of the 'local links' top  
> right) on
> (perhaps called 'Specifications in
> development') and add a column (labelled member-only if that's the
> preference) to that page linking to the latest editor's drafts.   
> That would
> make for a quick intuitive way to get to any document.
> RI
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