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Hmm. That depends.  Maybe, for example, Art is looking for the latest
editor's draft of the Fonts module. That is linked from (and with out of date
information btw).

I must say that I always have trouble finding these pages and then
remembering which of them is which.  For example, if you go from the w3c
home page to, thinking you can find the latest
CSS3 modules, you won't find any link to either afaict. Only if you follow
the link to 'working group' can you find a link to and that's buried in the text.
If you have access to member documents and actually want to read the latest
editor's draft of the fonts module, you're still no clearer at this point
about how to find it.  

Why not have a link to
prominantly displayed (ie. near the top of the 'local links' top right) on (perhaps called 'Specifications in
development') and add a column (labelled member-only if that's the
preference) to that page linking to the latest editor's drafts.  That would
make for a quick intuitive way to get to any document.


Richard Ishida
Internationalization Lead
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

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