Re: [Css Variables] Variable Declaration Blocks

Mike Wilson wrote:
> Daniel,
> I hope you are right, and yes I read the transcript from when it was
> decided that css vars should be given a decent priority. But that 
> was when (in my interpretation) everybody was still in the same boat.
> We can now see how the WG is going to make a (or is it two?) 
> counter-proposal to the one you and Dave made. With Dave's help 
> there was an active community interaction about different aspects of 
> the feature. During the month that has passed since the WG decision 
> there haven't been a SINGLE followup on the public list thread from 
> the two counter-proposal authors. Being an actively discussed subject 
> earlier, I would expect the authors to join and continue the 
> discussion. 
> In my book this looks like everybody wants to cook up their own 
> version and then keep arguing about it forever.
> But I hope I will be proven wrong.


It's been 12 years since the last version of HTML4 and now the CSS
WG needs to reply to suggestion in days ? We were meeting in the UK
a month ago. Just as usual after a face-2-face meeting and each and
every september, activity in the WG decreased a bit. We're all busy
people, and we don't have 100% of our activity dedicated to www-style.

That said, WG members (agreed, not all of them) see value in CSS
Variables as they were originally proposed. They're not necessarily
in sync with wider proposals including blocks or whatever. In that
case, and that happens in all technical mailing-lists, they don't
contribute to the discussion if they don't feel they have to.

Standardization is a compromise, read me well, a compromise. Not
always the best compromise, and unfortunately often a weak one
when vendors have different sight on the technology or conflicting
interests. Having almost everyone looking at CSS Variables with a
favorable eye is _already_ a major achievement.

To be even clearer, and being an old monkey in the CSS WG, I can tell
you that the number of proposals that went from just a note to REC track
in one month can be counted on one hand's fingers only. So don't
tell me we're dropping this spec or whatever.

Counter-proposals... Read me well again : counter-proposals ARE NORMAL
in our world. That's how we make progress. That's how we bring better
ideas to the table. That's how we brought footnotes and template
layout onboard. Counter-proposals do NOT mean we drop the original
proposal, it means we try to improve it. Counter-proposals are part
of our daily work.

</Daniel>, off to bed, it's late in europe

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