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I hope you are right, and yes I read the transcript from when it was
decided that css vars should be given a decent priority. But that 
was when (in my interpretation) everybody was still in the same boat.

We can now see how the WG is going to make a (or is it two?) 
counter-proposal to the one you and Dave made. With Dave's help 
there was an active community interaction about different aspects of 
the feature. During the month that has passed since the WG decision 
there haven't been a SINGLE followup on the public list thread from 
the two counter-proposal authors. Being an actively discussed subject 
earlier, I would expect the authors to join and continue the 
In my book this looks like everybody wants to cook up their own 
version and then keep arguing about it forever.
But I hope I will be proven wrong.


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> Mike Wilson wrote:
> > I see what you mean. When I read the transcript of the WG 
> > meeting my first thought was that this was how CSS vars died.
> > It is also sad that some members of the wg would actually like
> > to see it fail.
> > I hope this gets sorted out for the best eventually, but I guess 
> > it will take quite a bit longer as it stands now.
> What ? You have no idea what you are talking about.
> CSS Variables is on the list of high priority deliverables that should
> reach CR in the course of the new WG charter. CSS Variables were
> proposed only a few months ago and were classified as higher priority
> than older proposals.
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