Re: [Css Variables] Variable Declaration Blocks

On Wednesday 2008-09-24 23:30 +0200, Mike Wilson wrote:
> We can now see how the WG is going to make a (or is it two?) 
> counter-proposal to the one you and Dave made. With Dave's help 
> there was an active community interaction about different aspects of 
> the feature. During the month that has passed since the WG decision 
> there haven't been a SINGLE followup on the public list thread from 
> the two counter-proposal authors. Being an actively discussed subject 
> earlier, I would expect the authors to join and continue the 
> discussion. 

Where are the two counter-proposals?

(Including URLs makes it much easier for other people to follow the
discussion; it means that understanding the message doesn't require
the significant amount of digging through archives that you did in
order to write the message.)


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