Re: [Css Variables] Variable Declaration Blocks

On Sep 24, 2008, at 4:49 PM, Daniel Glazman wrote:

> Counter-proposals... Read me well again : counter-proposals ARE NORMAL
> in our world. That's how we make progress. That's how we bring better
> ideas to the table. That's how we brought footnotes and template
> layout onboard. Counter-proposals do NOT mean we drop the original
> proposal, it means we try to improve it. Counter-proposals are part
> of our daily work.
> </Daniel>, off to bed, it's late in europe

The problem with leaving CSS variables turned on in WebKit is that if  
the feature ships, it is going to be hugely popular.  We know this.   
Whatever we ship, we will have to support on OS X forever, because  
apps on the platform will scramble to use this feature.  If it ships  
in Google Chrome, it will probably have to be supported by Google  
forever too.  Normally we turn features on when we expect that they  
won't alter so significantly that a whole new implementation would be  
required.  I don't feel like CSS Variables have reached that point,  
and I don't want to support two wildly different implementations of  


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