Re: CSS3 @font-face / EOT Fonts - new compromise proposal

2008/11/13 Thomas Lord <>:
> And (please see my just prior message to
> Mr. Levantovsky): the *embedding document*
> can suppress the warning but only by adding
> to the link an "acknowledgement" text which
> plainly asserts that the content developer
> is suitably licensed to use the font.   Thus,
> an "innocent" suppression of the warning,
> while not impossible, is made less likely.

And the legal case against such unauthorised users would seem to me
pretty open and shut.

Unlike EOT, where a Foundry Alpha and Foundry Beta both offer EOT
licenses for the same fonts, and so neither can tell if a user is
authorised by the other or not (at least in places with respect for
privacy like the UK; I'm not sure what privacy law is like outside the


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