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	On Tuesday, November 11, 2008 5:24 PM Tab Atkins Jr.  wrote:
	On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 3:55 PM, Gustavo Ferreira
<> wrote:

		- i thought this whole discussion started because we all
(software-developers, web-designers, content-producers, type-designers)
want to improve typography on the web and have more fonts available.

	It did.  Even a solution which focuses solely on free fonts
would accomplish this, however, as our current choices are *severely*
	Would you agree that this solution would also be *severely*
discriminatory, both for web content developers and font vendors ?
	 I don't think W3C community should accept such a limited
solution, especially because we know we can do better. 

		- come up with a mechanism to check license permissions
in fonts and help us to protect against piracy, and we will all see a
golden age for web-typography! our job is to design high-quality fonts,
and given the production in recent years, i think we are doing it very

	Given that we have bits in the font-file that already tell us
the license permissions, that part is done.  If we *just* wanted to
protect against piracy, it's simple enough for the browsers to just
refuse any linked font with those bits set.
	"Don't use a cannon to kill mosquito" ;-)

	It's coming up with an acceptable mechanism that allows one to
*use* the fonts with those bits set that is the difficult problem, and I
have no issue with working through this as we are.  Devil's in the
details, you know.  ^_^ 
	Thank you! I salute you for this!

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