Re: CSS3 @font-face / EOT Fonts - new compromise proposal

Op Nov 11, 2008, om 8:24 PM heeft Tab Atkins Jr. het volgende  

>> On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 3:55 PM, Gustavo Ferreira  
>> <> wrote:
>> - if the web has to rely on 'free-as-in-liberty' fonts, web- 
>> typography will
>> continue to suck. high-quality typefaces are made by skilled  
>> professionals,
>> not by amateurs; if there is no business-model for web-fonts, type- 
>> designers
>> and digital type foundries will forbid web-usage alltogether, as  
>> most do
>> now.
> To be fair, the exact same thing has been said (and still is being  
> said)
> about every industry facing the clash of copyright and the web.   
> The fact is
> that amateurs *can* create high-quality content, and professionals  
> *are*
> willing to produce their content 'for free'.  Not everyone (or even  
> most) of
> either group will do this, of course, but experience in other media  
> shows us
> that content does *not* suck when there is an emphasis on
> free-as-in-liberty.  Business models adapt, and quality is  
> maintained.  It
> *is* true that the total amount of quality content can decrease,  
> but that's
> sometimes a necessary sacrifice to move an industry to a new stable  
> point in
> equilibrium with technology.

is has also been said that how free culture affects specific creative  
disciplines should be discussed and decided within each discipline,  
by the people that do it -- only then you will be able to create  
enough support to make it happen. you can't just impose rules which  
happen to work in other disciplines.

lawrence lessig, "on free, and the differences between culture and code"

(it's worth watching the whole presentation, but the relevant part to  
this discussion goes from 41:19 to 43:38.)

- gustavo.

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