Re: [CSS21] Why are browser default style values different from Appendix D

Bruno Fassino wrote:
> Alan Gresley wrote:
>> Saloni Mira Rai wrote:
>>> IE8 values are included in the attached spreadsheet. This
>>> is based on information from a post-Beta1 build so some
>>> values might be different as the feature has since been updated.
>> I have updated the excel file (attached) at my end
> [...]
> I believe that all default vertical margins for H1...H6, OL, UL, P,
> BLOCKQUOTE (and maybe others) for Fx2, Fx3, Opera and Safari should more
> correctly be expressed using em units, not px like now in those tables.
> Changing this will show accordance with the IE8 and the "appendix D" columns
> in most cases.
> (The few cases with default margins in px in Firefox et al. are on body, and
> some horizontal ones like on blockquote, ...)
> Same thing for font-sizes of H1..H6.
> --
> Bruno Fassino

It seems better expressing these values as em units. For a 96DPI 
setting, FF, Safari and Opera seems to agree that the FORM element has 
1.12em vertical margins. Also FF, Safari and Opera seems to agree that 
the P, BLOCKQUOTE, DL, OL and UL element has 1.35em vertical margins. Is 
this correct?

This 1.35em more or less seems to be what is implemented already by FF, 
Safari and Opera. Should the spec of 1.12em be changed to 1.35em. the 
table shows IE8 with the final style of 1em but what does this test case 

Do the collapsing margins show the height of the blue marker (1em) at 
96DPI? My memory of IE8 would indicate the same length vertical margins 
a the other implementations for a P element.

A few question for MS:

1. What DPI setting are the IE8 figures based on?
2. Are you happy to keep 14.25pt for IE7 as seen in the table? The 
collapsing vertical margins are always the same length no matter what 
text size is selected and are only changed with a different DPI setting.


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