Re: [css3-background] box-shadow syntax

Brad Kemper wrote:
> Here is my mockup:

Brad, we can do this forever, go here, go there and really make the CSS 
WG more of an un-working group, we overload them with list messages.

Firstly we must see a big difference in 'box-shadow' and 'text-shadow'. 
Your inner outer proposal is merging three different things. The first 
two I have just mentioned and the later is 'border'.

Using just blur and a border I have emulated your spread (which I have 
called depth). View in Safari 3. Here with outer.

And inner.

Any spread (depth) could be handled by the 'border' property alone with 
a gradient unless we really want to add this into 'box-shadow'.

The inner and outer way of looking at text-shadow (as in your examples) 
is great Brad but that should not be confused with box-shadow.


Received on Tuesday, 13 May 2008 06:46:00 UTC