Re: CSS Charter (Apple's Wishlist)

On Apr 1, 2008, at 8:45 AM, Daniel Glazman wrote:

> Nicholas C. Zakas wrote:
>> As a longtime fly-on-the-wall, take this opinion however you'd  
>> like: as a long-time web developer, animations and transitions seem  
>> like something that could work with CSS but not necessarily as part  
>> of it. The WebKit implementation seems to make some simplifying  
>> assumptions, such that you'd only want to animate one property at a  
>> time.
> I don't think so. If you set a transition on a given element for two
> properties and these properties are set together for instance  
> through a
> class assignment on that element, the two properties will transition
> together. Hyatt, can you confirm please ?

That is indeed how it works. The expected way to use transitions is  
"state based" where you can use class or pseudo-classes like :hover to  
animate the full transition from one state to another, including all  
properties. Additional CSS properties can give fine-grained control  
over which properties transition and how.

In addition, an element can have multiple transitions in effect at the  
same time (for example, if you add two classes, each of which set  
different properties, or if you poke individual properties directly  
through the CSSOM).


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