list/table of CSS Level 3 properties and values?


We are almost through an active period of development for the CSS  
validator, fixing a lot of bugs in the grammar and making a few  
drastic performance improvements (both courtesy of Yves). We are now  
making sure that all these new changes pass our test suite and that  
there is no regression.

In the meantime, we have noticed that a lot of the CSS Level 3  
definitions in the CSS validator are probably be out of date. We could  
use help in this area.

Is there a one-stop list or table of all the CSS3 properties and  
values? It doesn't have to be at w3c, although one maintained by the  
CSS WG would have more chance of being accurate and up to date. I  
haven't seen any around but I  
hope it may be possible to generate one from the same source files  
used to generate the specs.

That would certainly be useful for validator development, and, I  
think, extremely valuable for web developers too.

Any pointer would be much appreciated.


Received on Tuesday, 1 April 2008 15:10:53 UTC