Re: W3C CSS Home Redesign RFC

Alan Gresley wrote:

> When visitors come to the home page. They should go wow. I love eye candy, pretty, pretty, pretty. If I didn't why would I bother with a styling language. My points.
The real beauty with CSS should be below the surface:

- HTML that can be easily read without a browser;
- a concise set of style rules that embed a complete house style;
- pages that look good in Lynx, as well as a top end CSS
   capable browser;
- pages that support techniques like automatic table of
   contents generation, etc.

I don't think that people who only look at the surface will really be 
interested in changing form the methods (font face and abused CSS) that 
they already know and use.  As such, the page needs to be targeted at 
people who appreciate that the nature of the content may require a toned 
down design.

David Woolley
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Received on Tuesday, 20 November 2007 21:04:53 UTC