Re: W3C CSS Home Redesign RFC

I agree completely with David's statements.  Really, I think we all know
where to find design-heavy CSS-based websites. The W3C CSS website
should be a showcase of the technical abilities of CSS, especially
aspects of it that are underused.  In fact, the current design, as seen
on, is just fine, I see no problems with it
at all.

Aleksey Lazar

David Woolley wrote:
> Alan Gresley wrote:
>> When visitors come to the home page. They should go wow. I love eye candy, pretty, pretty, pretty. If I didn't why would I bother with a styling language. My points.
> The real beauty with CSS should be below the surface:
> - HTML that can be easily read without a browser;
> - a concise set of style rules that embed a complete house style;
> - pages that look good in Lynx, as well as a top end CSS
>    capable browser;
> - pages that support techniques like automatic table of
>    contents generation, etc.
> I don't think that people who only look at the surface will really be
> interested in changing form the methods (font face and abused CSS) that
> they already know and use.  As such, the page needs to be targeted at
> people who appreciate that the nature of the content may require a toned
> down design.
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> David Woolley
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> that is no longer good advice, as archive address hiding may not work.

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