RE: [CSS3] Generated content: environment variables

Hi Boris,

Boris said:
> Ludger Bunger said:
> > Actually, the cascading rules are pretty intelligent.
> Frankly, no. They're pretty simplistic, for this purpose.

(...the context being paged media headers and footers...)

This concern was explicitly considered during the Mt. View f2f earlier this year as a Last Call issue for css3-page.  The Working Group's conclusion was that the cascade provides sufficient control for page headers/footers.  Members can see

> > I think, this is pretty well what the paged module working group is 
> > working on...
> Yes, all I'm saying is that from what I can tell they're 
> failing at it.  That's why I got involved in this thread, frankly.

Well, we certainly look forward to your detailed proposal. ;-)  But as this has been through last call and there are implementations, it will be important to consider backward-compatibility.

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