Re: [CSS3] Generated content: environment variables

Grant, Melinda wrote:
> This concern was explicitly considered during the Mt. View f2f earlier this year

I had pretty much assumed it had, and that a decision had been reached on the 
matter, which is why I wasn't bringing this up formally.

> The Working Group's conclusion was that the cascade provides sufficient control for page headers/footers.

That's nice, but as a UA implementor I'm not at all sure I agree; I don't see 
myself personally implementing the spec as written, particularly the "and refer 
to the same headers and footers as those currently accessible via user style 
dialogues" part cited in the issue if that refers to page setup dialogues.  I'd 
feel like I was betraying users if I implemented this as written.

> Well, we certainly look forward to your detailed proposal. ;-)

The mail you replied to explicitly said that I don't see a good solution to 
this, right?  Other than not implementing this module of CSS, of course...  Or 
rather making the user-specified headers/footers !imporant, which has the same 


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