Re: [CSS3 Text] Text Decoration Section Drafted

Mikko Rantalainen wrote:
> Grant, Melinda wrote:
>> fantasai said:
>>> Just finished drafting the new text-decoration 
>>> (underline/overline/strike-through) section:
>>> Comments welcome.
>> says that the UA
>> "must use the same baseline and thickness on each line."
>> I would think the thickness could vary within one line (as the example
>> below illustrates.)  Maybe you want "text fragment" or some such...?
> Perhaps the text is trying to say that in case the parent specifies a
> line (e.g. underlining) and child has different font size and its own
> declaration for the line (underlining), then there should not be two
> different underlinings (one for the parent and one for the child) but
> instead UA should decide between the two. I'm not sure which one should
> be used.
> I agree that the wording should be changed to be more exact.

No, what it's trying to say is that for a *given element*'s text decoration,
the line should be of a constant position and thickness throughout the line.
If a child element or a sibling element has *its own* underline, then that
can be drawn at a different thickness and position.


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