Re: [CSS3] Generated content: environment variables

Ludger BŁnger wrote:
>  From my point of view, I'm fine with these being in the user agent 
> stylesheet by default.
> If the author believes his sites are better printed with other default 
> settings, it is ok for an author stylesheet to overwrite user agent 
> settings.
> And as soon as the user sais "force print urls in headers/footers", this 
> is a user decision.
> Actually, the cascading rules are pretty intelligent.

Frankly, no. They're pretty simplistic, for this purpose.  If the user says 
they'd like to see the page URL in the upper right hand corner, and the author 
says to put a page number there, the possible outcomes (depending on !important 
settings) with cascading are:

1)  URL in upper right hand corner and no page number
2)  Page number in upper right hand corner and no URL

If we assume that the user really does want to see the URL and that the page 
number is really useful (else why would the author want to put it there?) the 
user loses in either of those two cases.  Much more optimal would be to present 
both pieces of information.  Probably move one or the other to some other header 
or footer location, and if they're all full put both in the same location or 
something.  But the current cascading model forces the UA to drop information 

> I think, this is pretty well what the paged module working group is 
> working on...

Yes, all I'm saying is that from what I can tell they're failing at it.  That's 
why I got involved in this thread, frankly.


Received on Friday, 2 November 2007 20:21:17 UTC