Re: Parsing media queries

On Nov 14, 2007, at 19:14, fantasai wrote:

> Henri Sivonen wrote:
>> Case-insensitivity would be ASCII case-insensitivity, right? That  
>> is, "HEIGHT" should count as "height" but "HEÄ°GHT" shouldn't.
> I would normatively reference the appropriate section of Unicode on
> default case mappings (not locale-dependent mappings), but since media
> queries are all ASCII anyway, ASCII case-insensitivity is fine. :)

The spec needs to say which treatment it wants. I tend to prefer ASCII- 
case-insensitivity when the canonical language tokens are ASCII-only,  
but I'm not sure what the convention in CSS implementations is.

>> Aside: XML 1.0, CSS3 and HTML5 all have different notions of  
>> whitespace. No fun. I don't want to write extra code to catch the  
>> case of horizontal tabs
[Oops. I meant *vertical* tabs, of course.]
>> appearing in media queries in HTML5. I think I'm going to let that  
>> one slip by for now, since I think it would be more productive to  
>> unify CSS and HTML5 notions of whitespace than to write code to  
>> deal with the difference.
> Well, I don't think the CSS notion of white space is going to change,
> so HTML5 will have to copy CSS if we want that to happen. :)

Like Anne recorded in the issue tracker, the alternative would be that  
media queries would inherit the set of space characters from the host  

Henri Sivonen

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