Re: [CSSWG] Resolutions Boston F2F 2007-11-05 2007-11-06

On Tuesday 2007-11-13 22:19 -0500, fantasai wrote:
>   RESOLVED: Add keywords to 'width' and 'height' from Section 3 of
>             but rename 'fill' to 'available', 'min-intrinsic' to 
>             'min-content',
>             'intrinsic' to 'max-content', and 'shrink-wrap' to 
>             'fit-content'.

This should be adding them to 'width', 'min-width', 'max-width',
'height', 'min-height', and 'max-height' (more than just 'width' and

Note that when the inline progression direction is horizontal (the
only case in CSS2), all 4 added values should act as 'auto' on
'height', '0' on 'min-height', and 'none' on 'max-height'.  When the
inline progression direction is vertical (vertical text, new in
CSS3), the same should happen for 'width', 'min-width', and
'max-width' instead.


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